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One day fifteen years ago, my mother, Ahuva Wernick Z'L, was diagnosed with cancer; nine days later, she died. This was the catalyst for change in my life.

My mother loved the beach and I felt that it would be a good place to celebrate her life. My brother and I decided to go for a bike ride along Venice Beach. I didn’t know how to ride a bike but that didn't stop me; I rode tandem with my brother. I asked him what I needed to do and he said “Just hold on and pedal!”

After the bike ride my brother said, “You are going into the insurance business.” When I asked him why, he replied, “You like people and building relationships.” I had been working as a Massage Therapist and loved helping people, being a part of their lives, and bringing them comfort, but I wanted something more.

My brother’s declaration resonated. I knew my mother was guiding me into this career to learn about finance. I heard her voice in my head, “You need to get your own house in order and then you can help others do the same; you can be a different voice in the industry.” That was the beginning.

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Amethyst Wealth Planning®, The Genesis:

As the world has been changing, so have I. I have found comfort and meaning in nurturing my spiritual life. My clients were asking for more holistic planning. I have always enjoyed engaging in comprehensive conversations, but I had never created financial plans for my clients. 

Along the way, I have connected with female financial advisors around the country. They are leaders in their field who continue to guide me with their wisdom. As I  heard how many of them were doing financial planning, I realized that this was my path as well.

Amethyst, The Name:

Client Centered

My mother left me a beautiful Amethyst ring. Too big to wear as it was, I turned it into a pendant which I wear often, and when I do, I feel her spirit. My mother was a creative and successful businesswoman, a strong presence in our community and a powerful voice for self-determination. The stone itself is a symbol of prosperity, spirituality and intuition, the soul of my holistic approach to financial planning.